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{ Monthly Archives } January 2006

Flow: Measuring one’s happiness in life

Paul Graham put another essay on How to do what you love. I’ll have to say I wasn’t as impressed with this essay as his other ones but it is well written. In the commentary on his essay one reader put up a link to a concept called Flow. This concept I found a bit […]

Windows-based Ruby install with Rubygems interfering with cygwin ruby?

I had a problem with a windows-based install of Ruby with RubyGems kept screwing up my cygwin-based installation of Ruby. Seems this is a ‘well-known’ problem in the Ruby community. The symptons look like this $ irb /usr/bin/ruby: no such file to load — ubygems (LoadError) Really annoying. To fix this unset the RUBYOPT environment […]

Making sure Thunderbird and Tiger use the same IMAP dir for storing sent messages

One aggravation when using Thunderbird AND together on an IMAP account is making sure that they use the same folder for sent messages. By default, Thunderbird wants to put it in INBOX/Sent while wants to put it in INBOX/Sent Messages. under Tiger does not seem to let you set the particular folder […]