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{ Monthly Archives } January 2008

Vietnam plugging $55M USD for domestic data center rollouts

Data Center Knowledge links to a story on data center rollouts in Vietnam: Vietnamese technology company Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) and a U.S. company called DOT Vietnam have announced plans to build a $10 million data center in Ho Chi Minh City. Some things that I’ve been wondering about with this data center are. […]

Notes on Joyent’s outage (which also affected Twitter)

Seems that Joyent experienced some downtime (8 days) due to some bugs in OpenSolaris that got triggered during an upgrade. (Read here and here) One rather well known service was also affected by this outage as they are hosted by Joyent. I guess this does not reflect very well on running OpenSolaris in a production […]

One reason I’m glad I don’t own an OLPC

Hackzine has a blog post on using a SD card as swap space for the OLPC to handle the following situation: Most of the time, the 256MB in the XO Laptop is sufficient. But I use yum to install software, and it can be very memory hungry. I often run out of RAM when installing […]

Notes on growing an email system from 2 users to 2 million

Kristian K√∂hntopp shares his views on growing an email system from a small number of users to millions of users and the changes in the system architecture as it continues to evolve to match user growth. Some of the more interesting notes are not at the ‘what type of machines will solve 2 million users’ […]

KDE4 pretty but a bit rough on usability

I’ve been playing with KDE4 on my desktop at home. One of the things I have always liked about KDE is the myriad of options you can drown in while trying to configure something. However, it seems that KDE4 at present is still not up to that task… ah well. Live and learn, I guess.