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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

Zoorasia and the Yokohama Greenery Foundation. It’s not all Dogs & Demons

If you have ever heard of Alex Kerr and have read his book Dogs & Demonsyou would think much less of Japan as a country. Some of the things in that book refer to many pork-barrel politic government projects that include such monstrosities as huge concrete damns in the middle of nowhere. From personal experience, […]

Luke describes a nice methodology for using Mercurial as a way to track patches from a subversion checkout. This type of workflow stuff is very cool imo because it has the following: Shows a concrete example of how to use a not so trivia tool Works within constraints (in this example, playing with a subversion […]

On the origins of the name Akihabara

Akihabara as many people in Japan know was originally the home for buying electronic goods in the Tokyo area. It still holds that reputation however the Anime Otaku crowd have changed the face of Akihabara to also accomodate their needs and desires. One thing that is interesting is the origin of place name Akihabara. A […]

Getting X working again after swapping hardware on Open Solaris nv100

After having dain bramaged myself for years with Linux usage. I had gotten spoiled into believing an OS should make it simple to do the following: 1. Shutdown computer 2. Swap around hardware components 3. Restart 4. Life is good However any techie should tell you this is a pipe dream on Windows. Mac users […]