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Using hg commit –date

In Mercurial I noticed one new feature in the commit command that lets you specify a commit date. $ hg commit –help -d –date record datecode as commit date Too bad the help is too sparse to explain the commit date format. Luckily I found a good explanation at the URL below. Thanks!

Luke describes a nice methodology for using Mercurial as a way to track patches from a subversion checkout. This type of workflow stuff is very cool imo because it has the following: Shows a concrete example of how to use a not so trivia tool Works within constraints (in this example, playing with a subversion […]

hgsubversion, finally a mercurial-subversion bridge that jfw?

iBanjo talks about hgsubversion which seems to be a good mercurial-subversion bridge at last. I’m surprised it took this long to show up but I guess the Mercurial community had not prioritized ‘Build a better git-svn’ as something someone should roll out… until now. Installation still looks a little painful (and requires lots subversion 1.5 […]

Daring Furball, i can haz flamin cheezburger

while lukingz 4 moar informashun on distributd scms (again) i findz post by dave dribin bout y he chose mercurial 4 hims needz. but even moar awsum iz hims darin furball. far 2 awsum. let teh semantic web has cheezburgers, man. Daring Furball Lolspeak translator

A discussion on Mercurial’s repository format (Good or Bad?)

Keith Packard of X11 fame wrote a blog post on revision control repository formats. In it he describes why he chose git as the new system that will manage the source code for Xorg and he had some choice comments on Mercurial repository format Mercurial uses a truncated forward delta scheme where file revisions are […]

Getting Mercurial Win32 to use SSH and vim right

I’ve been playing with Mercurial a bit recently as I wanted to get the hang of a Distributed Source Code Management (DSCM) tool better. I’ll save my reasoning for choosing Mercurial for another time. Let’s get to the troubleshooting part. Mercurial provides a Windows version and some instructions on getting it running for basic cases […]