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{ Monthly Archives } October 2003

Vietnam making big gestures towards moving towards Open Source

Seems Vietnam is trying to make heavy overtures at the policy level to bring in Open Source to the country.   I welcome that gesture as right now Vietnam is a heavy Windoze shop among the people that actually have the oppurtunity to use a computer and using free or really really cheap software would make […]

Clearing djbdns’s cache

I run djbdns as my DNS server rather than BIND. I’m sure if I learned enough on BIND I could administer it just as well safely however since I tend to like getting stuff like DNS configured then kick it in the corner and let it go I figure djbdns is more my style. And […]

Redhat Rant

Seems this rant shows how you can get bitten by RedHat then get crappy support from them. However… Is the person a paying support customer? If not you’re not entitled to that much I bet. And here’s my plug… if you’re going to run Linux… run Debian it’s free and in the many years I’ve […]

BottomFeeder for OS X Mini-Review

I downloaded BottomFeeder, a SmallTalk powered blogging tool. I was really overjoyed to see it being a cross-platform piece of software with OS X support. So I glady downloaded it and started looking through it. Here is what I found… First off, the manual didn’t have any explanation besides the bare minimum for how to […]

Being there, still doing that

More Panther goodness

I’ve been getting acquainted with Panther’s new features. So far I find the UI snappier than Jaguar which is a good thing since I want my UI to wait for me and NOT the other way around. But here’s some very cool stuff: man sendmail SENDMAIL(1) SENDMAIL(1) NAME sendmail – Postfix to Sendmail compatibility interface […]

Ummm, yeah? Well that’s how their made.

Chad Dickerson links to Scott Rosenburg’s thoughts on some motherboard issues he was having: Scott Rosenberg has a darkly entertaining�(though not to him)�post about his recent travails with a motherboard replacement: “Thanks to the amazing support resources on the Net I eventually figured out that what I had to do was hold a paper clip […]

Try under the Seat?

James Robertson’s Blog mentions how he hates flying foreign airlines because they don’t have a power adapter. Now, I understand the geek fascination with using all your electronic gadgets on the plane… however I tend not to most of the time although I guess if I had a programming project I might get lost in […]

GPS Tagged JPEGs

BoingBoing points to GPS Tagged JPEGs. All I can say is… cool! Although people better start taking more care when taking pictures and posting them if they don’t want to be located.

X11 Server startup Weirdness (and a fix) in Panther

For some reason, when I upgraded to Panther my Dock shortcut to the X11 Server busted. After fiddling around I noticed in the Consoloe that it was complaining about some unrecognized option when launching. I found X11 in the Applications directory and tried that but the same problem. After scritching my head for a bit […]

Joel on a different idea on sharing files

Joel has lots of positive things to say about this: This is a great implementation of a simple idea that brilliantly solves the nagging problem that it’s just not easy enough to transfer large files down the hall, let alone halfway around the world, and it’s going to take off like wildfire. Mayyybe… but you […]

Survey says One Hit Wonder

According to a survey by Perseus… 66% of the blogs they sampled were abandoned after a short time. Well, can’t blame them. A blog is just another thing to take care of. At least it’s not as useless as a tamagotchi (I could be wrong though).

Sony to possibly cut 15k-20k jobs over 3 years

Ouch. Looks like they better not over-rely on the Playstation to pull them through or else the war against MS will not be so lopsided like it is now.

Vietnam becomes another location for potential outsourcing

Hmmm not sure what to say. Just read the article and judge for yourself. Seems right now it’s Japan but I’m sure Vietnam would love to work with the U.S. I’m not sure what to think of the software industry and its future.

Temptation creeps into Japan

My friends find the goofiest links to send to me…. Welcome to Godiva Japan’s English Language Shopping Page ! We are pleased to present this fine assortment of Godiva products for shipment to Japan destinations only. Geek Note: Looks like the Japanese Godiva store is powered by PHP. Just look at the URL