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More Panther goodness

I’ve been getting acquainted with Panther’s new features. So far I find the UI snappier than Jaguar which is a good thing since I want my UI to wait for me and NOT the other way around.
But here’s some very cool stuff:

man sendmail

SENDMAIL(1)                                             SENDMAIL(1)

       sendmail - Postfix to Sendmail compatibility interface

man vi

VIM(1)                                                         VIM(1)

       vim - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor

Apple’s been doing some cleanup under the hood of the UNIX layer underneath. Now that’s service! One other nice thing I’ve noticed is they’ve been going through cleanups of the UI for various programs and making sure that Cmd-, actually means bring up the Preferences. Beforehand programs like DID NOT respect this convention and it made it a pain to memorize which particular programs adhered to the new set of keybindings and which ones didn’t but I’m very glad Apple has been going around fixing these warts that have made daily usage a pain.

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