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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, October 2003

More Panther goodness

I’ve been getting acquainted with Panther’s new features. So far I find the UI snappier than Jaguar which is a good thing since I want my UI to wait for me and NOT the other way around. But here’s some very cool stuff: man sendmail SENDMAIL(1) SENDMAIL(1) NAME sendmail – Postfix to Sendmail compatibility interface […]

Ummm, yeah? Well that’s how their made.

Chad Dickerson links to Scott Rosenburg’s thoughts on some motherboard issues he was having: Scott Rosenberg has a darkly entertaining�(though not to him)�post about his recent travails with a motherboard replacement: “Thanks to the amazing support resources on the Net I eventually figured out that what I had to do was hold a paper clip […]

Try under the Seat?

James Robertson’s Blog mentions how he hates flying foreign airlines because they don’t have a power adapter. Now, I understand the geek fascination with using all your electronic gadgets on the plane… however I tend not to most of the time although I guess if I had a programming project I might get lost in […]

GPS Tagged JPEGs

BoingBoing points to GPS Tagged JPEGs. All I can say is… cool! Although people better start taking more care when taking pictures and posting them if they don’t want to be located.

X11 Server startup Weirdness (and a fix) in Panther

For some reason, when I upgraded to Panther my Dock shortcut to the X11 Server busted. After fiddling around I noticed in the Consoloe that it was complaining about some unrecognized option when launching. I found X11 in the Applications directory and tried that but the same problem. After scritching my head for a bit […]