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{ Daily Archives } Friday, October 2003

Joel on a different idea on sharing files

Joel has lots of positive things to say about this: This is a great implementation of a simple idea that brilliantly solves the nagging problem that it’s just not easy enough to transfer large files down the hall, let alone halfway around the world, and it’s going to take off like wildfire. Mayyybe… but you […]

Survey says One Hit Wonder

According to a survey by Perseus… 66% of the blogs they sampled were abandoned after a short time. Well, can’t blame them. A blog is just another thing to take care of. At least it’s not as useless as a tamagotchi (I could be wrong though).

Sony to possibly cut 15k-20k jobs over 3 years

Ouch. Looks like they better not over-rely on the Playstation to pull them through or else the war against MS will not be so lopsided like it is now.