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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, October 2003

A small peak into how Knoppix works

Caught this on Dan Barlow’s Diary. I’ve been looking at Knoppix, and starting to learn enough about it to beat it into a shape I like. Knoppix is an ISO9660 image, which contains another, compressed, ISO filesystem. The inner filesystem is the root of the running system and contains about 2Gb of software. The outer […]

Virtual Memory thrashing sucks

So here I am after a month of not using NetNewsWire Lite so I fire it up innocently with a bunch of my other well used apps in the background. I watch in horror as NetNewsWire eats up all available remaining memory then continue to keep on allocating more and more memory (i managed to […]

iTunes for Windows = Cocoa for Windows

Okay here’s a thought… I know that iTunes existed before OS X however there’s a possibility that iTunes could have been ported to Cocoa (or at least some parts of it). If that was the case wouldn’t that mean Apple had quite a bit of Cocoa already ported to Windows and ready to run? That […]

Living in a Mac Wonderland

Another OreillyNet article strikes again… This one summarizing the brainchild behind Rendezvous going to FooCamp which must have been some sort of Oreilly geek conference (Sheesh one of these days I’ll dig up the cash to make it to one of these conferences) and trying to give a talk on Basic Rendezvous and getting trumped […]

Network Nazism

I like scanning OreillyNet every once in awhile since some of their articles are quite interesting. And some of the OS X stuff they post on is just wild. Too bad I don’t live in a Mac-rich environment to try our some of that stuff. Ah well. Anyways I was running across a rant on […]

More Offshore news

Got this link from a Slashdot story on Adobe and Product Activation. Not sure how I feel about Quark moving a bit of their engineering offshotre. I wonder if this can explain why there was a huge delay to move to OS X. I can’t imagine an offshore team having a ton of experience with […]

Inconsistent updates

I know I’ve been pretty bad about updating this blog but at the moment enough stuff is in flux about getting a network connection at home that blogging tends to escape my mind. Also, I’ve been taking pictures but it’s a chore to get the pictures uploaded to this server for hosting. I’m hoping to […]