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Virtual Memory thrashing sucks

So here I am after a month of not using NetNewsWire Lite so I fire it up innocently with a bunch of my other well used apps in the background. I watch in horror as NetNewsWire eats up all available remaining memory then continue to keep on allocating more and more memory (i managed to grab top just before this all started) until my machine is basically thrashing due to NetNewsWire deciding it needs all the memory in the universe to do its job.

So I wait 20 minutes…….

I’m still waiting. I have enough at this point and reboot. Time for recovery…..

10 minutes.

THAT really sucked. I had piles of other stuff open and luckily I save often enough I didn’t lose much but thanks to one misbehaving app my machine basically slowed to a crawl SO badly I couldn’t even kill the process once it got running. I really think that the user should ALWAYS have the ability to bring up something to kill errant processes no matter what the situation even if the OS has to reserve memory just for itself and refusee to hand it out. If hackers seriously want to push the limits.. let them figure it out in the advanced advanced settings but personally I hate wasting my time on stupid crap like that.

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