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{ Monthly Archives } June 2004


Kudos to Chris Baird

Mix one part Hindi and one part English gives you Hinglish

Language Log has links to some articles about the intersection of Hindi and English. Quite interesting. I am reading up on it now. I’ve known about Spanglish, Franglais, and Japan-glish due to my exposure to these languages but Hinglish is a new one for me. Go read it yourself

Stupid People

Wow this post is close to mind boggling for me…. Check it out for yourself Thanks to Epimetheus for the link

English Names are a snap, right?

Language Log links to this really amusing imaginary scenario where George Benard Psschaughal tries to collect his Nobel Prize. (link here). Absolutely hilarious. Here’s a quick excerpt: GBP: Psschaughal. George Bernard Psschaughal. HSC: Ja. Of course. Just a moment, sir. [Rifles through papers.] Er, I don’t seem to see… GBP: That’s because you’re looking under […]

Spidey gets localized to India

Seems like Spidey gets a face-lift and another story thread respun as he gets localized for an Indian audience. Rather than Peter Parker we will have Pavitr Prabhakar (Anyone know the meaning of that name?) swinging around the streets of India fighting justice and hopefully upholding, “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”… Indian Style I […]

Now THAT’S a license plate

Very cool. Something only a UNIX geek/hater could love… Thanks Ranger Rick!

Catholic Church Outsourcing Clergy?

In one of the more odder news bits I’ve read… The New York Times is reporting that due to a short supply of clergy in the United States the Roman Catholic Church is outsourcing clergy to Indian priests. American, as well as Canadian and European churches, are sending Mass intentions, or requests for services like […]

Busted by Mom for having a foul Blog

This is just too funny. Some Korea guy sets up a blog and his mom ends up sniffing it out via the all-powerful Google and ends up giving him a major chiding for being profane to the Internet. D’oh! Well, it’s happened. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but not this fast. I […]