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{ Monthly Archives } September 2003

Wiki-powered books

Now this idea is really cool. Books being developed Wiki Style. We’ll see how far this one goes. Another useful resource is WikiPedia which is an Open Content style effort to create an encyclopedia via a Wiki. Now that’s really sharing information.

Don’t trust the phone company…

The phone people came today to install the phone lines. ADSL is in the works and I asked the guys about putting in a line into one of the other rooms where it would be MUCH more convenient to leave the ADSL modem when the ISP folks come however after a very long discussion (most […]

Video for Electronic Paper

Got this link one from Slashdot. Seems some researchers have been able to refine the electronic paper technology to display moving pictures hence movies are possible. That’s really cool however… I’ve been waiting some time now for these e-paper ideas to actually hit the street for the consumer. Moving pictures is cool and all but […]

A blast from the Atari Past

I was talking with a friend of mine about classic video games and he brought up E.T. (I date myself by uttering that game) as being one of the ‘worst games ever’. Considering I actually derived some entertainment and PLAYED E.T. and made progress on it I disagreed. I found one of the most opaque […]

Lack of documentation rant on Squeak

I like playing with Squeak every once in awhile and doing a little bit more exploration of what you can do with it. But each time it’s been just light bites. I spend more time reading up on Squeak and tracking down the piles of URLs and papers on the Squeak Mailing List than actually […]

Neal Stephenson launches a Wiki to explain his new novel

Neal Stephenson launches a Wiki to explain his new novel Quicksilver. Very cool. Neal Stephenson + Wiki = Very Cool

More iSight Video Tricks

Lots of good things have happened since I wrote Making Movies with the iSight, in which I explained how to use QuickTime Broadcaster with Apple’s new webcam. In this article I’ll show you new iSight video tricks and easier ways to make movies than with Broadcaster. [O’Reilly] I want an iSight now…

Control Your Mac from Afar

Do you want to control your Mac, or one that you’re responsible for, from a remote location? If you’re running Mac OS X, you can take advantage of a variety of built-in Unix and AppleScript tools to control your computer from afar. Harold Martin shows you how. [O’Reilly]

A shell script to manage system-wide services in OS X

This shell script will allow you to turn on or off the system-wide services for all applications. For each application, you can turn all of its services on or off. By disabling unused services, you will have a much less cluttered menu, and maybe faster login (is it faster?). All modifications to the info.plist files […]

Getting Japanese running on FreeBSD

Here’s an article on getting Japanese running on FreeBSD. I’m REALLY glad the author took the time to document what he did since I find the process frustrating too. It’s bad enough that the path to UNIX tends to be unfortunately a little obscure. Even worse is when you try to multilingualize it since to […]

J2EE the SUV of Web Programming Tools

This link is classic Greenspun all the way. But it drives a good point home about Java. “The final third, which seems to be struggling the most, is using Java Server Pages (JSP) with Oracle on Linux.  JSP is fantastically simpler than “J2EE”, which is the recommended-by-Sun way of building applications, but still it seems […]

Stop fiddling and get work done

The title is Do Yourself a Favor and Stop Learning but it rings true about a topic I’d like to relabel as ‘Learn the Right Things’. I still spend quite a bit of time learning ‘garbage knowledge’. I classify that as knowledge that won’t have a useful impact on my immediate career nor is it […]

More Outsourcing stuff

Got this stuff from ArsTechnica more articles on OutSourcing from CIO Magazine. Offshore Outsourcing backlash Hidden costs of Outsourcing Offshore Both look interesting and I’m reading through them for the CIO’s view of this although the ‘hidden costs’ article title sounds more like ‘I didn’t do my homework on changing our business processes’ rather than […]

Booted from the store using a Tablet PC

The horrors! Getting booted from a store for whipping out a Tablet PC and fiddling around with it. Gee, if you’re THAT bored waiting for someone why not go outside the store and fiddle with the thing? I like geeking out but I certainly feel like an idiot whipping out a PDA or some hi-tech […]

Genius doesn’t scale

I’ve been thinking about this counter-intuitive idea of ‘Genius does not scale’ and came across this story on ‘ArsTechnica” on Who Killed Apple Computer?. It’s a very interesting reflection on the failures of Apple in the early 90s. The view comes from someone who actually worked at Apple from ’87 to ’97 which gives it […]