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A Deploying Scala story, “It’s just another Java library”

From Artima’s Developer Buzz feed I picked up this story on someone managing to sell to management the use of Scala in a project. There is a little bit talk about performance and ease of deployment which could be good points depending on your environment… We also had an occasion to have 2,000 simultaneous (as […]

Rhino JavaScripting on OS X

From Ranchero’s Weblog I saw this Weblog Entry on getting the Rhino JavaScript engine setup in OS X. This is pretty neat especially for people who are heavy into ECMA/JavaScript hacking as it allows them to leverage all of their sensibilities of JavaScript for doing scripting tasks. The breakdown of tasks you need to do […]

Perl port to JVM?

I’m sure this would make piles of Perl Hackers happy.  A port of the perl language to the Java JVM.   The project is stopped due to the original author wrote a proof of concept and has moved on to other things but it seems this would be amusing. Here’s the link

J2EE the SUV of Web Programming Tools

This link is classic Greenspun all the way. But it drives a good point home about Java. “The final third, which seems to be struggling the most, is using Java Server Pages (JSP) with Oracle on Linux.  JSP is fantastically simpler than “J2EE”, which is the recommended-by-Sun way of building applications, but still it seems […]