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Handling user reviews on a website

Scott Ru gives us some insights on the process Amazon uses to handle user reviews on their site. You start with some philosophical rules, and you try to make them stick. Providing guidelines is the only way to start. References Read more Scott Berkun’s Blog Post on User Reviews

Losing data in the clouds

Seems that some cloud vendors (sheesh I really only knew about Google Ape… err App Engine, Amazon’s EC2 service, and GoGrid) have been having some issues watching customer data go up in a poof. oops. Datacenter Knowledge mentions Flexiscale having issues The problems for FlexiScale began when one of the main storage volumes was accidentally […]

Animoto riding the EC2 wave

Animoto sounds like an interesting service. Take some photos (and videos?) and some music or choose some already available and they remix it into a music video automatically. Don’t like the mix? Hit retry. Cool stuff… Here’s a juicy quote from their blog post on Jeff Bozos talking about them: This is about 50 EC2 […]

A Deploying Scala story, “It’s just another Java library”

From Artima’s Developer Buzz feed I picked up this story on someone managing to sell to management the use of Scala in a project. There is a little bit talk about performance and ease of deployment which could be good points depending on your environment… We also had an occasion to have 2,000 simultaneous (as […]

A different way to scale out MySQL? (Gigaspaces + MySQL)

Interesting stuff. Here is a snippet… Scale your application, while leaving your existing database untouched by front-ending the database with In-Memory-Data-Grid (IMDG) or caching technologies. The database acts as a persistence store in the background. I refer to this approach as Persistence as a Service (PaaS). Although I do question how reliable the background persistence […]

The Google Data Center FAQ

While not much is known about Google and their Data Center operations this makes a decent attempt at aggregating all of it in one spot… Read more