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A Deploying Scala story, “It’s just another Java library”

From Artima’s Developer Buzz feed I picked up this story on someone managing to sell to management the use of Scala in a project. There is a little bit talk about performance and ease of deployment which could be good points depending on your environment…

We also had an occasion to have 2,000 simultaneous (as in at the same time, pounding on their keyboards) connections … thanks to Jetty Continuations … and an average of 700 requests per second on a dual core opteron with a load average of around 0.24… try that with your Rails app.

So, to this customer’s JVM, the Scala and lift code looks, smells and tastes just like Java code. If I renamed the scala-library.jar file to apache-closures.jar, nobody would know the difference… at all.

For a Java shop deploying a Scala app might not be AS big a deal. However, when you have a clean slate and don’t even need to sell Java just a solution selling Scala becomes a little bit more blurred.

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