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What the fork are you doing Pidgin devs?

After glancing at the Slashdot post on the forking of pidgin and wasting far too much time slogging through the ticket that caused a bit of strife, I’m pretty sure I will move away from Pidgin until the developers stop being dorks (highly unlikely since they seem to develop only for themselves).

Quick quick summary of the whole issue. The pidgin developers decided to make the input text box very small and auto-resizing (up to a certain point) based on some fancy heuristic. Quite a few users have jumped up and down and requested to make this optional however the pidgin developers basically said, ‘Go take a hike’. There has been quite a bit of reaction to it, including the creation of a plugin to bring back old functionality to a full on fork of the whole project.

In general, forks are a bit of wasted effort to the Open Source community as a whole but one will never get the idea situation where all developers will just ‘get along’ and combine their energies into the One True Implementation. So, from a pragmatic standpoint, forking seems to get the job done although with a lot of burnt cycles.

I believe migrating to something like Funpidgin (A fork of Pidgin that aims to be listen more to the community) and making sure that it gets enough momentum to stay alive is probably the best answer to extremely stubborn developers wanting to do things their own way at the expense of the ‘users’. However, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the fork gets enough energy to keep itself running.

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