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{ Monthly Archives } September 2006

The OLPC Project finally starts showing off an implementation of their display

Can’t wait to get my hands on one (million) of them.

AIBO creator’s new robot is powered by NetBSD

Very cool. Who says NetBSD is dying? Check the specs at the bottom and you’ll see NetBSD listed.. Thanks Engadget

Mythtv + Mysql5 + Ubuntu Dapper = Busted

A little history… I took another shot at getting mythtv setup again after trying it a few years ago and lashing myself a few times trying to get the ivtv driver patched into a mainline kernel. After a bit of work back then I got it working but times changed and I ended up using […]

Why evil is only a matter of time

Here is one explanation why Google will eventually become evil… companies are at different stages of a standard software business model, which goes like this: build market share lock in customers profit from lock-in Read it yourself

Will be bad

Check it out yourself

Core 2 Duo Motherboards and Linux instability fun

I built myself a Core 2 Duo system recently with the hopes of running a much faster Linux setup than my old Athlon setup. However, what I ran fast into were compatibility issues. It seems that the JMicron chipset which is present in the MSI P965 Neo motherboard that I own is the culprit of […]