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{ Monthly Archives } October 2004

Closet Video Gamers

I’ve heard of other things in the closet. But now gamers avoid the closet? This sounds very wallstreet-yuppy type culture. I’m sure listing video games as a hobby is sure to give you troubles going up the ladder in Wall Street. Let me read it

Hurts so bad, it’s funny

Oh man, this is just too funny. Check it out

How would you describe Dao?

Brendan O’Kane, a China blogger (an native English speaker blogging on topics on China) I like to read wrote a really neat essay describing Dao. He wrote it for some class of his but I find the essay a nice read explaining some etymology of the word Dao in Chinese. I’ve had a faint understanding […]

Educating females in India: A different look at education

It is interesting to hear the debates on education in the U.S. It’s also very mind boggling since the U.S. has no standardized school system to base a student’s merits on. Moving away from the U.S. and moving to India, we get a peek into the life of some females that are from poor families […]

Ah c’mon Apple. UTFM

Alright, this utterly sucks. I type the following at the terminal prompt… man math And expect something intelligent. Instead, I am greeted by the following on 10.3.5 of OS X: MATH(3) BSD Library Functions Manual MATH(3) NAME math – introduction to mathematical library functions DESCRIPTION This page is currently being updated. BSD November 14, 2002 […]

The BrailleNote PK (aka cool new toy)

Very fascinating geek toy. This would be the perfect way to learn how to read braille. I could take it with me and practice reading simple articles until I got the hang of braille. Then, I could use it during the times my eyes feel like falling out from fatigue. However, all good things come […]