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{ Monthly Archives } March 2008

SVN Worst Practices

I’m dying of laughter looking at the slides for this presentation on how to screw up the development lifecycle with subversion. Useful things to throw in: –object code –per-user preference files –generated docs –ISO images –release tarballs Either way a good read on trying to follow a good path when trying to apply version control […]

Daring Furball, i can haz flamin cheezburger

while lukingz 4 moar informashun on distributd scms (again) i findz post by dave dribin bout y he chose mercurial 4 hims needz. but even moar awsum iz hims darin furball. far 2 awsum. let teh semantic web has cheezburgers, man. Daring Furball Lolspeak translator

Desktop environments and habits

Slashdot’s Roblimo has an article on switching back and forth between GNOME and KDE and that will probably spawn a long (,mostly pointless) debate on the merits of GNOME versus KDE versus foo that I’m sure many Linux users will have. The biggest gem in the article is in his discussion on why he hasn’t […]

Being stupid on numrows() versus getting the actual result in LuaSQL

I’m dumb. I had a bug in a checker script that I wrote and only noticed it recently when I bothered to RTFM. Can you spot the error? Probably most programmers will. Non-working version require “luasql.mysql” env = luasql.mysql() mysqlconn = env:connect(“somedb”, “someuser”) curs = mysqlconn:execute(” SELECT COUNT(*) FROM some_table WHERE col1 = ”foo”) print(“Number […]

Wall Street Journal on the necessity for IT Literacy in the enterprise

WSJ talks about the need for IT literary in the enterprise. Especially from the people who sit at the top. The article makes a strong case suggesting the tops of the company should have a much stronger grasp of IT in their organization to understand the benefits it can bring the organization instead of a […]

Getting erlang to build on MacPorts with an installed iPhone Open SDK

I had some serious unexpected fun trying to install erlang on my OS X box using MacPorts. In general it’s usually a no brainer you usually type sudo port install <foo> and you have a new package installed without that much fuss. However here is the partial log of trying to install erlang and it […]

Too Dumb to Haskell

Seeing Lock already exists: /var/run/munin/munin-update.lock? Don’t worry it just means your munin updater is slow

Luckily this forum post explains the issue. I’ve had this problem if the munin-update process takes longer than 5 minutes. The reason this happens is because the cronjob is set to run every 5 minutes to gather data, so if it is still running from the last job, you will get this error. Read it […]

Matt Mullenweg the creator of WordPress speaks

Nice summary of his talk at FOWA 2008. Confirmation of Matt speaking at FOWA 2008 and link to a mp3 speech. I like how he talks about scaling on multiple levels for a website.

lighttpd + fastcgi that much better than apache + mod_php? The court is still out on this

While going through my blog feeds I came across a post on Ubuntu Geek on lighttpd with php5 and mysql support. One choice quote from the article sort of irked me as I was scanning through it: With a small memory footprint compared to other web-servers, effective management of the cpu-load, and advanced feature set […]

Macbook Air tossed out with the newspapers?

A Newsweek journalist finds his Macbook Air is mainly just air now… A word of warning that as technology fits more into our lifestyle it might get lost Read it yourself

Graphing mysql slave delay for munin

I’ve been wanting something to visualize mysql slave delay. Looks like LordElph has gone ahead and wrote something already to do it. Cool beans.

Rereading a disk partition table in Linux without rebooting

Ran into a problem with trying to partition up a disk on a running system. The idea is I wanted to create a new partition on a disk with partitions already mounted and use it without rebooting. Here’s what you’ll mostly likely run into… # sudo fdisk /dev/sda … Steps for adding disk elided … […]

The Industry Standard commentators need to do the math on 99.999%

The Industry Standard comments on Why don’t we accept less than 99.999% to which I say… are you willing to really pay for it? For many things, I’m not. Demanding without paying is basically asking for a freebie. This smells of rant without a basis in my book. The Paradox of the 9s Five nines.. […]