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Desktop environments and habits

Slashdot’s Roblimo has an article on switching back and forth between GNOME and KDE and that will probably spawn a long (,mostly pointless) debate on the merits of GNOME versus KDE versus foo that I’m sure many Linux users will have. The biggest gem in the article is in his discussion on why he hasn’t been converting people to use Desktop Linux

I don’t have time for much intense hand-holding, and that’s what it takes to teach people who are not naturally computer-inclined how to use any new operating system or software.

Habits are hard to break.

Kudos to the people who have the time and patience to help people embark on the long journey that requires ‘switching’. However, I’m with Roblimo on this. I have a hard enough time managing my own time let alone adding more stuff to take away what I have of my time.

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