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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, March 2008

SVN Worst Practices

I’m dying of laughter looking at the slides for this presentation on how to screw up the development lifecycle with subversion. Useful things to throw in: –object code –per-user preference files –generated docs –ISO images –release tarballs Either way a good read on trying to follow a good path when trying to apply version control […]

Daring Furball, i can haz flamin cheezburger

while lukingz 4 moar informashun on distributd scms (again) i findz post by dave dribin bout y he chose mercurial 4 hims needz. but even moar awsum iz hims darin furball. far 2 awsum. let teh semantic web has cheezburgers, man. Daring Furball Lolspeak translator