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{ Daily Archives } Friday, March 2008

Desktop environments and habits

Slashdot’s Roblimo has an article on switching back and forth between GNOME and KDE and that will probably spawn a long (,mostly pointless) debate on the merits of GNOME versus KDE versus foo that I’m sure many Linux users will have. The biggest gem in the article is in his discussion on why he hasn’t […]

Being stupid on numrows() versus getting the actual result in LuaSQL

I’m dumb. I had a bug in a checker script that I wrote and only noticed it recently when I bothered to RTFM. Can you spot the error? Probably most programmers will. Non-working version require “luasql.mysql” env = luasql.mysql() mysqlconn = env:connect(“somedb”, “someuser”) curs = mysqlconn:execute(” SELECT COUNT(*) FROM some_table WHERE col1 = ”foo”) print(“Number […]

Wall Street Journal on the necessity for IT Literacy in the enterprise

WSJ talks about the need for IT literary in the enterprise. Especially from the people who sit at the top. The article makes a strong case suggesting the tops of the company should have a much stronger grasp of IT in their organization to understand the benefits it can bring the organization instead of a […]

Getting erlang to build on MacPorts with an installed iPhone Open SDK

I had some serious unexpected fun trying to install erlang on my OS X box using MacPorts. In general it’s usually a no brainer you usually type sudo port install <foo> and you have a new package installed without that much fuss. However here is the partial log of trying to install erlang and it […]

Too Dumb to Haskell