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Using a non-standard port for Capistrano SSH gateways

I have a love-hate affair with Capistrano. It is a great tool if you are a Ruby person and need to do something NOW on a bunch of machines. But the docs are in a constant state of suck from my point of view.

The website helps for remembering the ‘simple’ details on what Capistrano can do. But where I waste a lot of my time is asking questions like, “How do I set the Capistano SSH gateway to a non-standard port?”. Luckily, Capistrano is written in Ruby so it is easy enough to glance through the code and finally find out where it is but this is why good tech docs exist. To give enough context to answer those questions.

To answer my own question, below is a snippet you can add to your capfile to use a non-standard port if you need to deploy through a SSH gateway that lives on a non-standard port

# Add this to your Capfile
# This sets the SSH gateway to a machine called on port 22222
set :gateway, ‘’

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