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{ Monthly Archives } March 2007

The Alma Mater in the news… again

This time the news isn’t good press: The death of a man found Thursday in a stairwell in a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute building has been ruled a suicide. Read it yourself

Templating languages, templating languages… and yet more of them

In the realm of web development, anytime you start using some software platform to deal with the tedium of writing web pages by hand, it’s quite often it leads to some sort of templating system to handle it. While nice in theory and can promise many things (Seperation of logic from presentation, blah blah blah) […]

A sad tale of technology dependence

I love technology misery stories for some reason. I guess working at a job where it is your job to expect things to break in weird ways does that to you… I guess we can reword that as I LOVE corner cases A sad tale of technology dependence I made sure nobody was ever going […]