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{ Monthly Archives } August 2006

How to make a DSP hardware project be on time

Here is an article describing a fairy tale (sadly) idea of how one would run a project for creating a product from DSP chips. I’ll have to say it makes a lot of sense but what would be more interesting is some hard data on anyone that has actually managed to apply this idea: This […]

The state of software engineering

If you’re curious on one person’s viewpoint on software engineering as a discipline (academic and professional) this is a very nice summary / rant on it. One minor niggling point is that I think the author could spend a little time fixing small grammatical mistakes. Since the mistakes make a serious criticism like this look […]

Bruce Eckel takes another look at Ruby

Bruce Eckel of Thinking in Java fame takes a second look at Ruby. This time he has far less harsh words than his previous look at it (Note that the original post that Eckel made on Ruby seems to be MIA on his website. I’m a little miffed at that…) His second time around he […]