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Animoto riding the EC2 wave

Animoto sounds like an interesting service. Take some photos (and videos?) and some music or choose some already available and they remix it into a music video automatically. Don’t like the mix? Hit retry. Cool stuff…

Here’s a juicy quote from their blog post on Jeff Bozos talking about them:

This is about 50 EC2 instances down here. Their Facebook app kind of broke through. And so this is their Facebook app taking off. This is just three days ago, April 16th.

You can see they’ve gone from 50 instances of EC2 usage up to 3,500 instances of EC2 usage. It’s completely impractical in your own data center over the course of three days to scale from 50 servers to 3,500 servers. Don’t try this at home.

Great showcase for Cloud Computing. Too bad not ALL applications can take advantage of Cloud Computing. But glad to see ideas that can.

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And oh yes… since their frontend is a Rails app of course it can’t scale

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