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Unbound, a possible OSS competitor to BIND?

A quite from this article I pulled up from Planet Sysadmin

Unbound was written by NLnet Labs, VeriSign, Nominet and Kirei. Unbound will support DNSSEC, a version of DNS that uses public-key cryptography to protect DNS results, from begriming. Unbound and BIND are the only open-source recursive DNS servers that support DNSSEC.

Seems interesting. If they can make sure to make the transition from BIND as painless as possible I’m sure it will start getting some traction. Although, if you don’t need DNSSEC and lots of fancy features djbdns handles things not so badly (in my experience).

One thing that is interesting that wasn’t mentioned in the news announcement is that Unbound ONLY handles recursive requests while its cousin nsd is an authoritative only nameserver which is similar to how the djbdns suite works. In some cases, I DO like how BIND can handle both authoritative and recursive in one binary but I guess it always depends on the situation…

Read the announcement on eweek

Unbound’s website

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