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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, September 2003

Neal Stephenson launches a Wiki to explain his new novel

Neal Stephenson launches a Wiki to explain his new novel Quicksilver. Very cool. Neal Stephenson + Wiki = Very Cool

More iSight Video Tricks

Lots of good things have happened since I wrote Making Movies with the iSight, in which I explained how to use QuickTime Broadcaster with Apple’s new webcam. In this article I’ll show you new iSight video tricks and easier ways to make movies than with Broadcaster. [O’Reilly] I want an iSight now…

Control Your Mac from Afar

Do you want to control your Mac, or one that you’re responsible for, from a remote location? If you’re running Mac OS X, you can take advantage of a variety of built-in Unix and AppleScript tools to control your computer from afar. Harold Martin shows you how. [O’Reilly]

A shell script to manage system-wide services in OS X

This shell script will allow you to turn on or off the system-wide services for all applications. For each application, you can turn all of its services on or off. By disabling unused services, you will have a much less cluttered menu, and maybe faster login (is it faster?). All modifications to the info.plist files […]

Getting Japanese running on FreeBSD

Here’s an article on getting Japanese running on FreeBSD. I’m REALLY glad the author took the time to document what he did since I find the process frustrating too. It’s bad enough that the path to UNIX tends to be unfortunately a little obscure. Even worse is when you try to multilingualize it since to […]