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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, September 2003

You thought Survivor sucked?

This is just too strange. You have to read it to believe it (or even fathom it). link

What about Mac Viruses?

MacSlash had a link to an article at the Mac Observer which covered one person’s hunt to find information on Mac Viruses. After searching Network Associates and Virex’s Database using a simple search for the word ‘Macintosh’ and subtracted out all of the viruses that were Word or Excel based Macros (ah the joys of […]

New Hampster following Maine’s Laptop Lead

The Press Herald has a story on New Hampshire following Maine’s lead on a laptop program for school. Interesting perhaps but also sad in some ways that they need to give away basically expensive toys to get students interested in education. I agree that the public school systems in the U.S. need work. Yes, I […]

Woz Gives Thumbs Up to remake of Apple I

This type of stuff is really cool. The story is someone did a rebuild of the Apple I and tried contacting Apple about information if he could sell the replicas. They never responded. The person then went to Woz and asked Woz’s permission. Survey says: Thumbs Up! Way cool! I always thought Woz was the […]