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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, October 2003

Vietnam becomes another location for potential outsourcing

Hmmm not sure what to say. Just read the article and judge for yourself. Seems right now it’s Japan but I’m sure Vietnam would love to work with the U.S. I’m not sure what to think of the software industry and its future.

Temptation creeps into Japan

My friends find the goofiest links to send to me…. Welcome to Godiva Japan’s English Language Shopping Page ! We are pleased to present this fine assortment of Godiva products for shipment to Japan destinations only. Geek Note: Looks like the Japanese Godiva store is powered by PHP. Just look at the URL

Bad UI design

This was just too amusing….

Bill Joy spills the beans on what is next

Ted Leung summarizes an interview that Fortune did with Bill Joy on what he is doing after leaving Sun now. Looks like an interesting interview. Seems he might be up to make an evolutionary step in building networks that are much less prone to spam and viruses. Good luck! As long as it doesn’t bust […]