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Bill Joy spills the beans on what is next

Ted Leung summarizes an interview that Fortune did with Bill Joy on what he is doing after leaving Sun now. Looks like an interesting interview.
Seems he might be up to make an evolutionary step in building networks that are much less prone to spam and viruses. Good luck! As long as it doesn’t bust what is out there already I am all for it.

Also it seems the reason for leaving Sun is to try out something new without being encumbered with backwards compatibility. (hmm there goes my hopes on building an evolutionary step without busting what is already out there).

Bill Gates faced a similar choice with his Longhorn project. He probably has a lot of great ideas and all these brilliant people, but he also has this antecedent condition he has to take into account-keeping it somewhat in sync with the old Windows. So the beautiful vision may fail because it has to be compatible. I’ve often wondered why they can’t, for once, do something new. I mean really, really new? But then, when I asked myself that same question, that’s when I knew I had to leave Sun.

Wish you luck Mr. Joy. It takes a lot of courage to step away from everything you’ve built up and try something new. Although, I guess in his case he doesn’t have to worry about things financially unlike many other people.

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