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Vietnamese Related design director, Khoi Vinh, answers some questions

I’m not much of a designer type person but I find Khoi’s answers to some of the questions posed regarding the information design of the NYTimes site interesting since it is a continual battle in trying to add more but use less to say more. Here’s a quick snippet: You can think of it as […]

Vietnam plugging $55M USD for domestic data center rollouts

Data Center Knowledge links to a story on data center rollouts in Vietnam: Vietnamese technology company Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) and a U.S. company called DOT Vietnam have announced plans to build a $10 million data center in Ho Chi Minh City. Some things that I’ve been wondering about with this data center are. […]

New free fonts for Vietnamese Nom characters

For all 20 of the people on the planet probably interested in this… Two new fonts have been announced by the Institute of Vietnamese Studies in California for Vietnamese Nom characters. Of particular interest is that these free fonts between them also cover the CJK-A and CJK-B extensions to Unicode. (First seen on Unihan mailing […]

Wired interviews Viet Dinh (He helped draft the Patriot Act)

Wired interviews Viet Dinh who helped draft the Patriot Act. I found the interview a major waste of words since it’s very obvious that the interviewer herself is strongly in the liberal camp as the way she asks questions it’s basically an accusation of the Patriot Act. These sharp questions bring on a rather gruff […]

Vietnam making big gestures towards moving towards Open Source

Seems Vietnam is trying to make heavy overtures at the policy level to bring in Open Source to the country.   I welcome that gesture as right now Vietnam is a heavy Windoze shop among the people that actually have the oppurtunity to use a computer and using free or really really cheap software would make […]

Vietnam becomes another location for potential outsourcing

Hmmm not sure what to say. Just read the article and judge for yourself. Seems right now it’s Japan but I’m sure Vietnam would love to work with the U.S. I’m not sure what to think of the software industry and its future.