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Clearing djbdns’s cache

I run djbdns as my DNS server rather than BIND. I’m sure if I learned enough on BIND I could administer it just as well safely however since I tend to like getting stuff like DNS configured then kick it in the corner and let it go I figure djbdns is more my style. And from what I’ve read I’ve not read many exploits (heck any) on djbdns so that makes it easier on my maintenance.

However, I was diddling with a split DNS setup at home and needed to reset the cache on dnscache so I could see the new entries without hitting cache. Anyways it seems it’s as easy as:
svc -t /var/service/dnscache

(Assuming you run dnscache out of /var/service rather than /service)

Kudos to the following link for pointing the way. 🙂

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