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Is this for real? (An Islamic studies Professor indirectly helping the Taliban)

You’ve got to be kidding me. This is really hard to believe. Note RAWA
stands for Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

…when the opportunity arose to overthrow that brutal regime, it was expected that RAWA activists would naturally back the insurrection.

However, it turned out these activists were more opposed to U.S. military intervention than they were in favor of getting rid of the Taliban, even if it meant that Afghanistan’s women remained in a state of perpetual slavery.

If you don’t favor military action which already happened. How exactly
are the women supposed to be ‘rising up’ against a known brutal regime
such as the Taliban? I mean those guys took down a 4000 year old Buddha
statue over some idealist principle. You really think they’ll be
listening to ‘liberate me’ speeches with any seriousness? I’d like to
think this is not true but who knows. Some acadamics do have a reputation
for living too deep in their Ivory Tower.

I’ll read it for myself

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