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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, September 2005

Toshiba prepping Cell-based dev kits Q2 ’06

File this under the I Lust One Dept. The Register Link

Non-MSIE platform users not need apply for hurricane relief

The Inquirer reports that FEMA is only allowing users of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to apply for hurricane relief funds. “The now very much criticised US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has stopped Mac and Linux victims of hurricane Katrina from applying for relief. The agency, which is already in hot water for its […]

Philip Greenspun on Arc

If you’ve not heard of Arc from Paul Graham you probably don’t follow programming language wanking that much. Philip Greenspun decided to offer his thoughts on Arc: No hopes for Arc, though Paul is a nice guy, unless someone writes a ground-breaking must-have open-source application in Arc that others want to modify. Lisp is more […]

Whatever happened with Expert Systems?

Paolo Amoroso posed an interesting question on the newsgroup (yes newsgroups still exist!) regarding what has happened to Expert Systems since the AI Winter. He got some very enlightening responses on what has happened with these systems since their introduction a couple of decades ago. Here is a choice quote from one of the […]