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Philip Greenspun on Arc

If you’ve not heard of Arc
from Paul Graham you probably don’t
follow programming language wanking that much. Philip Greenspun decided
to offer his thoughts on Arc:

No hopes for Arc, though Paul is a nice guy, unless someone writes a ground-breaking must-have open-source application in Arc that others want to modify. Lisp is more tasteful than C or Java but not that dramatic a help unless the programmer is very smart and tasteful him or herself. The average programmer seems to be getting progressively less devoted to taste and quality and therefore I would think that Lisp will continue to dwell in obscurity as things like PHP ascend to popularity.

To me
Arc sounds like an interesting
idea but if you take 100 years to design
the 100-year language
you’ll have to re-advertise again since all the people who first heard of
such a great idea will probably be in their graves. But if you have it
made financially what’s the
rush? Unless you’re trying to become ultra-famous…

Link to Phil Greenspun’s comments on Arc

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