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Where the heck is the Mitsubishi PocketProjector?

For you blog folks that love keeping up with display technologies (that
never seem to ever make it to the market… or at least the market that I
and normal people shop at) does anyone know what ever became of the
Mitsubishi DLP PocketProjector?

Here is one of the earlier announcements from

The PocketProjector will be available in July at an SRP of $699 US, not cheap certainly, but a fair price for an SVGA projector with multiple inputs, multiple portable power solutions, and that is pocketable.

And yet another one from Gizomodo:

I am confident that portable front-projection is going to be one of the break-out products this year. Look at this new Mitsubishi PocketProjector: weighing only 14 ounces.. [blah blah blah]

I searched in July and ended up finding this from

In addition to the updated pictures, the following is the latest data off the preliminary spec sheet for the Pocket Projector. Note that it includes an estimated ship date of September, and estimated street price of $799 (which is extremely competitive for such advanced technology).

Alrighty, a $100 US price bump for no explained reason. I can deal with that.
The average small-sized projector still clocks in at over $1k US if you want
semi-decent specs. So back into the waiting queue…

Okay, it’s September 2005…
I searched,
Mitsubishi’s website and
a couple of other random online merchants AND of course and still
can’t find it. Okay, so what gives? It certainly would be nice if Mitsubishi
actually bothered to update their Release Date to something realistic like…
before the end of the decade rather than ‘Summer 2005’ which is quite over.

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