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One way to promote your favorite programming language

One way to promote your favorite programming language is to write a
useful tool then put a clause in the license like this:

4. You must agree not to port or translate Chronos into any programming
language whose syntax, semantics and computational model are not substantially
compliant to the ANSI Smalltalk Language Specification. Porting Chronos to
non-Smalltalk programming languages is strictly prohibited. However, you are
welcome to enter into negotiations with the copyright owner for permission to
port Chronos to non-Smalltalk programming languages. In some cases, permission
may be granted at no cost or other encumberance.

Very amusing. The author’s website also has many really useful links and
references on trying to represent the date and time on a computer. (It is
not as easy as it looks. The simple stuff is simple. The complete version
is quite tricky)

Go check it out yourself

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