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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, November 2003

Fiber to the People

Slashdot carried this story and I was very curious to read it. My thoughts are that if you want more awareness on putting REAL broadband to people in the states the government right now is not the place to look. Maybe in 5-10 years they’ll see this as a perception problem. But for now I […]

People don’t clean up after themselves

Gee here’s a new perspective on the fact people don’t like cleaning up after themselves if given the chance to avoid it. Bob Maderious will never forget the lease he brokered for property advertised as “plug and play” – only to find that it wasn’t. His client had been thrilled that state-of-the-art wires and cables […]

Bram versus Joel

Bram Cohen (Maker of BitTorrent) takes on Joel Spolsky (A well known software developer) on Joel’s Article on Leaky Abstractions. Some of the thoughts Bram has on the leaky abstractions article are well thought out and I think point out some of the dogma of the article and how Joel uses the example of TCP […]

Obfuscation by design

Ask Tog has an amusing anecdotal letter on bad security practices and preaches the same thing about security is a process and must be all encompassing and not just focus on one small part. But it is an interesting read just to review why you need to not think of just encryption or only part […]