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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, November 2003

Not really in it for the recycling bit

There’s an interesting article on how some company named Wallflower got started recycling LCDs from old laptops and adding some customizations and selling them as fancy picture viewers. However, once they got succesful they ditched the recycling of the older LCDs and went to more ‘traditional’ methods. Here’s an excerpt: Left with nice cashflow from […]

Reeling in what you want from the Web

The Seattle Times has an interesting titled story called Reeling in what you want from the Web however at a brief glance all it really is about is about weblogs for those who don’t know anything about it. I was hoping for more than just how weblogs work and how to use them as there’s […]

So what are some Ivy League grads up to now?

I love how there is this impression that going to an Ivy League school is an automatic guarantee for getting a good job, good life, etc etc. While I won’t dump on that Ivy League schools tend to give an undergrad a very good education that’s not a free ticket to doing well. Now if […]

One of DARPA Grand Challenge folk contestants graduated from RPI

Was just looking for more information on Mini ITX boards and saw a note about one of the contestants (Team LoGHIQ) accepted into the DARPA Grand Challenge. I poked a little more look to see what they had about the technology they were using when I noticed that the main contact person for the team […]