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One of DARPA Grand Challenge folk contestants graduated from RPI

Was just looking for more information on Mini ITX boards and saw a note about one of the contestants (Team LoGHIQ) accepted into the DARPA Grand Challenge. I poked a little more look to see what they had about the technology they were using when I noticed that the main contact person for the team is a RPI grad! Normally, I’m not utterly nutsoid about my alma mater. However, seeing folks who graduated from there showing up and doing something neat from the engineering perspective gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.

I mean when a majority of the tech news you read comes out from the likes of MIT, Stanford and all those big name schools it’s a nice break to see people from the Institution stake their claim in the world and make some name for it :-). God speed gentlemen in your quest to outgeek the geeks.

Update: Here’s a ZDNet Story on the DARPA Grand Challenge and Team LoGHIQ

Link to Team’s Web Site

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