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Stupid m17n rant for Windoze

Well here I am with a laptop with japanese Windows XP Pro on it and I’m going through piles of dialogue Windows in the MMC trying to set some policies and other settings and just getting tired of slogging through piles of menus in Japanese.

“No problem!” I say to myself and go to try to switch the language settings in the Control Panel from Japanese->English so I can look at the menu dialogues in English. A reboot later and I’m looking at…. Japanese menu dialogues still.. WTF???

Okay… let’s google for it. Seems no one has a decent quick and easy fix. The other fix is to ‘format and re-install Windows’. Oh wonderful. Too bad I would have to do that for like 4 more machines after this one. Even with Ghost that would suck. So here I am stuck trying to figure this out. At this current rate, giving up and just slogging through all the stuff in japanese might be easier but this configuration would be much more straightforward if I could look at what the dialogues say in English rather than have to guess all these words in japanese… Let’s see now. We’re in the year 2003 and localizing an environment should be a matter of just flipping a switch in the Control Panel.
Guess what… OS X does this with just a flip. Linux? Well… Linux has still got a way to go. Windows? Gee there’s a switch too bad it doesn’t work. *sigh*

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