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Windows Standby SUCKS!!!

Okay, that really ticked me off. I got some more work done on my big document and then put the laptop on standby and walk home. When I get home and hit the power button to power back up the laptop from standby mode…. the laptop congratulates me by showing a black screen, a lit power light, BUT NOTHING happening. I sit there banging the power key for a few more times, Ctrl-Alt-Del, keys at random for a few minutes telling myself, “NOOOO damnit please tell me I remembered to SAVE before this happened. And if I DID save please tell me Word won’t decide to take a nosedive on my one and only important document on this machine at this moment.”

Eventually, I resign myself to powering off the machine and rebooting and hoping that all of my changes haven’t evaporated in Word. Luckily I save my document every 5 minutes and every time I power down a laptop but I left Word running which could mean Word does something stupid like corrupt my file because it has nothing better to do.

Moral of the story. System Standby on Windoze SUCKS! Use Hibernate instead.

*sigh* I’ll wait until LongHorn shows its face before I trust that feature again.

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