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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, January 2004

The cost of Web Services as a Platform?

Tim O’Reilly is definitely one guy moving the fast lane. For awhile now he’s been covering how websites such as and eBay are beginning to look more like an application rather than just a site that lets you buy books or sell stuff online. They offer many other services on top of their base […]

Welcome to the Real World of Computing

Jeremy Zawodny talks about Hardware Failures: One of the computer industry’s dirty little secrets is hardware failure. The few of us who work in, near, or otherwise around large computer installations take this for granted. Companies like Yahoo have people on staff that spend a lot of their time dealing with failing memory, buggy motherboards, […]

Windows Standby SUCKS!!!

Okay, that really ticked me off. I got some more work done on my big document and then put the laptop on standby and walk home. When I get home and hit the power button to power back up the laptop from standby mode…. the laptop congratulates me by showing a black screen, a lit […]

Voice over IP adoption in Japan

Happy New Year’s all. Slashdot linked to an article on Voice over IP Adoption in Japan. I’ve looked over the pricing structure of Voice over IP and found it not that useful if you’re a light phone caller (me) as you must factor in the costs of an Internet connection monthly which costs around 5000Y […]