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Earth to Apple, the mini iPod price sucks

I saw th eMacworld 2004 Keynote and it wasn’t that bad. Some nice improvements to iLife but the most disappointing thing is the iPod. JonBert sums it up quite nicely for me:

The iPod mini is more of a question-mark. $249 for 4GB? Sure it’s smaller, and comes in different colors, but as it is it would need to be under $200 to stop registering on the Lame-o-meter

You tell em JonBert. The price sucks, I don’t care how small and cute it is. I understand the prices on the componetns isn’t cheap but I’d rather buy one of these things with the understanding it can die at anytime in a couple of years and I can just buy a new one and toss the old one. When you have to put $250 each time that sucks.

JonBert laying the smack

Macworld on Macworld

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