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Finding Bruce Peren’s Open Source Series Books for Download

One of the really generous things Bruce Perens is doing is
offering his name on a set of books on various Open Source topics and
making sure those books are available under an Open Publication License
which allows anyone to download the sources or something like a PDF.

One of the really annoying things is that finding a nice
definitive link to where to download these books is a PITA to find on
Google and most places that mention it.  You end up often
getting redirected to Amazon or the Publisher’s Book Purchasing Site
and coaxed into trying to buy it.  So for all of those wanting
a link… here you go.

P.S. Sorry about the crappy formatting but this rich text editor that
pops up when you try to edit an entry in Mozilla or IE really ticks me
off as it adds all these extra tags and features I have no idea how to
turn off.  View HTML source gives a half-baked view of
it.   This stupid editor is worse than Front Page
imo.   If someone knows how to turn this off in Manila I’d be
really happy to know how.

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