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{ Daily Archives } Friday, July 2004

On Great Hackers

I know a number of hacker-types in the blogosphere have already blogged on Paul Graham’s latest article ( here, here, here). As usual, Paul Graham writes really lucidly on the hacker culture and how to attract them to a business. One of the things I found interesting was how it is pretty close to impossible […]

Distorting facts about U.S. Trade

I just read this which purports to answer 10 truths on trade. While the statements have some kernel of truth (doesn’t everything these days?) it looks like such utter bunk. I can imagine some right-wing advocate writing this in trying to quell the ‘public’ regarding the ‘truth’ on offshoring, imports and jobs. Let me tell […]


Hahaha, in the tradition of Engrish (Poor Japanese attempts at using English) there’s also “Konglish” which is the Korean version of the same. I shouldn’t make fun of people’s aattempts to learn a foreign language but in some ways it is amusing. Perhaps I enjoy too much schadenfreude. Thanks dda!

Banned in Korea for being too sexy

Check it out yourself. (Requires Windows Media Player to play properly). Personally, I’ve seen worse on TV back in the U.S.