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Adding scriptable items in OS X Address Book

This is really neat and I didn’t even know about it. Kudos to Mac OS X Hints for publishing this one. Mac OS X Hints is a great place to find information on Mac OS X.

The Steve Jobs Blog

Find this one amusing :-). Thanks to Ranger Rick for the link. Besides being one of the fink guardians also has a neat weblog to read once in awhile (if you’re a geek…). p.s. I was fooled until I started flipping through it and reading the comments on Ranger Rick’s blog. Not everything is as […]

Phoby the wonder slide show app for OS X

Stumbled across this one reading the Squeak Japanese Mailing List and checking out YFB’s Blog What is it you ask? A slide show application that supports transparency and can always stay in front so you can have a transculent slide show going on while doing other stuff. Talk about an utterly gratuitous way to use […]

Linux NFS Stupidity

There’s a story on Mac OS X Hints about people who NFS mount their home directories are having problems in Panther if they use a Linux NFS Server (must… control… stuck… up… snicker… argh… who am I kidding). Anyways there’s a link to the NFS Source code with a patch for fixing this problem in […]

Apple store to open in Ginza

From Gen Kana’s Weblog some news on the Apple Story to open in Tokyo. I sent them my resume but I guess they’re not interested in an Apple Advocate working for them. Ah well 🙂 Link to story

You didn’t backup did you?

Oh crap. The Archive and Install option in Panther nuked all of the customizations I had put into the Apache CGI Directory! Worry worry worry… Oh yes… Fire up Terminal: cd / ls / Hmmm, hey I see /Previous Systems cd /Previous Systems/Previous System 1/Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables ls Dear sweet sweet day. It’s still there!!!!

BottomFeeder for OS X Mini-Review

I downloaded BottomFeeder, a SmallTalk powered blogging tool. I was really overjoyed to see it being a cross-platform piece of software with OS X support. So I glady downloaded it and started looking through it. Here is what I found… First off, the manual didn’t have any explanation besides the bare minimum for how to […]

More Panther goodness

I’ve been getting acquainted with Panther’s new features. So far I find the UI snappier than Jaguar which is a good thing since I want my UI to wait for me and NOT the other way around. But here’s some very cool stuff: man sendmail SENDMAIL(1) SENDMAIL(1) NAME sendmail – Postfix to Sendmail compatibility interface […]

X11 Server startup Weirdness (and a fix) in Panther

For some reason, when I upgraded to Panther my Dock shortcut to the X11 Server busted. After fiddling around I noticed in the Consoloe that it was complaining about some unrecognized option when launching. I found X11 in the Applications directory and tried that but the same problem. After scritching my head for a bit […]

Virtual Memory thrashing sucks

So here I am after a month of not using NetNewsWire Lite so I fire it up innocently with a bunch of my other well used apps in the background. I watch in horror as NetNewsWire eats up all available remaining memory then continue to keep on allocating more and more memory (i managed to […]

iTunes for Windows = Cocoa for Windows

Okay here’s a thought… I know that iTunes existed before OS X however there’s a possibility that iTunes could have been ported to Cocoa (or at least some parts of it). If that was the case wouldn’t that mean Apple had quite a bit of Cocoa already ported to Windows and ready to run? That […]

Living in a Mac Wonderland

Another OreillyNet article strikes again… This one summarizing the brainchild behind Rendezvous going to FooCamp which must have been some sort of Oreilly geek conference (Sheesh one of these days I’ll dig up the cash to make it to one of these conferences) and trying to give a talk on Basic Rendezvous and getting trumped […]

More iSight Video Tricks

Lots of good things have happened since I wrote Making Movies with the iSight, in which I explained how to use QuickTime Broadcaster with Apple’s new webcam. In this article I’ll show you new iSight video tricks and easier ways to make movies than with Broadcaster. [O’Reilly] I want an iSight now…

Control Your Mac from Afar

Do you want to control your Mac, or one that you’re responsible for, from a remote location? If you’re running Mac OS X, you can take advantage of a variety of built-in Unix and AppleScript tools to control your computer from afar. Harold Martin shows you how. [O’Reilly]

A shell script to manage system-wide services in OS X

This shell script will allow you to turn on or off the system-wide services for all applications. For each application, you can turn all of its services on or off. By disabling unused services, you will have a much less cluttered menu, and maybe faster login (is it faster?). All modifications to the info.plist files […]