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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, August 2003

OS X Tech Trivia

Okay, I’m really lost. I’m noticing on an iMac that after awhile it gets DOG slow. As in waiting tens of seconds for any response from the GUI after awhile. I’m completely baffled to why this happens. The Console Log tool shows nothing. When I ssh into the machine (lucky when that even works) and […]

The meta poker game

Got this link from the Cincom Blog on new technology to help find card counters. Seems the cat and mouse game between the smarter gambler and the craftier house continue on. The MindPlay technology uses some really hefty image recognition algorithms to pull in image information so it can keep track of the cards and […]

Debunking HavenCo

There’s a story from the Inquirer competely debunking the HavenCo project some geeks started running in an area known as Sealand which is some island hanging off of England. Some more background info on this can be found in this Wired article. After reading the Inquirer editorial I think I have to agree with the […]