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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, August 2003

How to make your project over budget and miss deadlines

This link is a very sarcastic viewpoint on how to keep your job if you are a programmer. The humor is a little dry but sadly I bet something like this has happened before in real life under a much less humorous tone.

Greenspun laying the smack down on LISP

Philip Greenspun lays down the smack on LISP. LISP is great but understanding what the heck LISP holds talk about has been confusing for me, personally. Maybe one of these days I’ll hit LISP Zen but until then I will have to settle for reading and trying to understand. Kleanthes asked “What do they do […]

A little discussion on where Extensions go in Mac OS X

“Daring Fireball” has a great discussion on the relations of the following: /System/Library /Library ~/Library If you’re not a Mac User it probably won’t interest you. However, if you’re the type that is always curious about what is happening under the hood this is a good place to start poking into more on OS X […]